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PHYSIO-PORT AS - Determination of arterial stiffness

PHYSIO PORT AS (arterial stiffness) uses brand-new algorithms to determine the parameters of arterial stiffness. Blood pressure is measured with our known inflation measurement technic. Immediately afterwards we record the upper arm brachial pulse waves with the help of the blood pressure cuff and the pressure sensor for approximately 15 s.  

After a special preprocessing of the recorded pulse waves we are able to determine the central pressure waveform with the central blood pressure values. Therefor we use a self-determined transfer function in the frequency domain (Fourier transformation). By that the pulse waves are decomposed in there multiplies of sine and cosine waves. Afterwards the wave parts in the frequency domain are assembled to project the way and the modification of the waves by the vessels between upper arm and the heart. The result is the so called transfer function which is now used to determine the central pressure wave form.  

Transfer function

The central pressure waveform is assessed afterwards by pulse wave analysis. We determined the parameters of arterial stiffness which are central blood pressure, augmentation (-index) and pulse wave velocity. The stiffening of the big elastic arteries decreases the arterial Windkessel especially in the aorta. The central arterial wave form changes with increasing blood pressure and lower elasticity in a special assessable way. The parameters of arterial stiffness are surrogates of cardiovascular events and mortality.

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