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Product Description

TONOPORT VI is a small-size, portable blood pressure monitor for ambulatory, non-invasive measurement of the patient’s blood pressure. It can be used on adults, pregnant (including pre-eclamptic) women and children more than 14 years old. TONOPORT VI is not suitable for blood pressure measurements in neonates. Also, it is not suitable for use in intensive-care medicine.TONOPORT VI is intended for use following consultation and instruction by a physician.

Product Features

  • Oscillometric blood pressure measurement at the upper arm
  • Selectable measurement method employing conventional measurement during deflation or innovative during inflation (IMT)
  • Reliable artifact suppression
  • Tourniquet mode
  • Planed PWA function
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Easy to read display
  • Smaller and lighter than the TONOPORT V
  • Full range of cuff sizes available
  • Powered by only two NiMH or Alkaline batteries
  • USB port for PC connection with GDT interface for communication with office management software
  • Complete and meaningful report thanks plug and play with CardioSoft/CASE
  • According to the requirements of dabl Educational Trust (ESH2010)
  • Meets the requirements of the British Hypertension Society (BHS)
  • FDA approval (K170966)