NIBP 2020 UP

Product Description

The NIBP 2020 UP represents the latest generation of the approved OEM - module NIBP 2010. It includes several innovations distinguishing it from the previous module. The most important innovation is the blood pressure measurement during inflation of the cuff (inflation method or IMT). This measurement technique allows deflation immediately after reaching the systolic pressure and leads to a halving of measuring time and a reduction of the compressive load. These changes are received very positively among clinicians and patients and result in a very high acceptance of patients.

Clinical studies show high precision of measurement results and the feedback of our customers confirm comfort and accuracy of measurements. Our Modules have a 2-Controller, 2-pressure transducer and 2-valve design for full compliance with international safety standards.

With this product, customers can trust in the accustomed quality of PAR Medizintechnik as usual, leading to high life expectancy through tested and high-quality components.

Disturbances during measurement are recognized and filtered out through innovative software.

The NIBP module 2020 UP offers a choice of 4 measuring protocols: "Automatic", "Manual", "STAT", and "Calibration".

Optionally, the Module is available with SpO2 measuring extension (by pulse oximetry). An additional SpO2 module is connected to the NIBP2020 UP for this purpose. Different finger sensors are also available.

The NIBP 2020 UP is easy to install in patient monitors and ready for use and is also approved for measurements on neonates.

Further information, a technical description and clinical studies for NIBP 2020 UP can be found here.

Product Features

  • Oscillometric blood pressure measurement
  • Two measurement methods: new and fast inflation mode and reliable deflation mode
  • Measurement of systolic, diastolic and mean pressure and pulse rate
  • Artifact identification during the measurement
  • Tourniquet mode
  • Suitable for unattended, continuous operation
  • Typical measurement time in seconds: 10-12 (inflation mode), 20-24(deflation mode)
  • Systole / diastole measurement range (adults):
  • 25 mmHg /10 mmHg - 280 mmHg /220 mmHg
  • Systole / diastole measurement range (neonates):
  • 10 mmHg / 5 mmHg - 150 mmHg /110 mmHg
  • Minimal noise level
  • Serial TTL interface for data exchange; choice of 1200, 2400, 4800 or 9600,
  • Default setting: 4800 baud
  • Redundant processors, valves, and pressure transducers (two each) for full compliance with international safety standards
  • Two safety circuits for pumps, valves, and pressure transducers
  • Low power consumption, power supply 5 V DC, 6 V DC, or 12 V DC
  • Sleep mode: < 120 mW
  • Standby: 300 mW
  • Measurement: <1.8 W
  • Inflation: <3.5 W
  • International Standards: EN 1060-3, EN 1060-4, EN ISO 81060-2, EN 80601-2-30,