NIBP 2010

Product Description

The NIBP module is a compact unit for non-invasive automated blood pressure measurement. It is intended for use in clinical inpatient settings and measures blood pressure and pulse rate in adults and neonates in intensive care.

The oscillometric measurement of systolic, mean and diastolic pressure and heart rate does not require a microphone in the cuff. The module has proven to be very reliable and safe for the patient in both measuring modes.

Our tried and tested components guarantee the long service life of integrated valves and pumps. Artifacts are identified during the measurement, which prompts an additional validation of values. The NIBP module offers a choice of 4 measuring protocols: "Automatic", "Manual", "STAT", and "Calibration".

Optionally, the Module is available with SpO2 measuring extension (by pulse oximetry).

The NIBP 2010 is easy to install in patient monitors and ready for use as a OEM - module.

Product Features

  • Oscillometric blood pressure measurement
  • Measurement of systolic, diastolic and mean pressure and pulse rate
  • Artifact identification during the measurement
  • Suitable for unattended, continuous operation
  • Minimal noise level
  • Serial TTL interface for data exchange; choice of 1200, 2400, 4800 or 9600, default setting: 4800 baud
  • Redundant processors, valves, and pressure transducers (two each) for full compliance with international safety standards
  • Two safety circuits for pumps, valves, and pressure transducers
  • Low power consumption, power supply 5 V DC, 6 V DC, or 12 V DC
  • Sleep mode: <150 mW
  • Standby: 300 mW
  • Measurement: <1.8 W
  • Inflation: <3.5 W