Product Description

PAR PORT is a versatile and universally applicable measuring system for the acquisition of physiological measurement data. The system can be used both as a front-end unit and as a data logger. Its uses are manifold:

In field operation, the system with a storage capacity of up to 4 MB can acquire a maximum of 15 physiological signals and environmental parameters for periods of up to 30 hours without in the least affecting the test subject. PAR PORT has proven to be absolutely suited to everyday use in these applications.

In hospitals and doctors‘ offices too, the PAR PORT measuring system can be swiftly programmed to meet a user’s particular requirements. For online monitoring of various physiological signals, the system is connected to a PC via its serial interface. After selection of the physiological signals (channels), they can be graphically displayed with the PC software (including online output of the heart rate) and/or saved to the PC's hard drive. The data communication rate is 2,000 readings per second and all readings are processed with a resolution of 12 bits.

When the two possible applications are combined, PAR PORT can even be used for online monitoring of various physiological signals by telemetry. In this case, two miniature radio modules are employed instead of wired online data transmission. These modules establish a bidirectional radio link between the PAR PORT data storage and the PC. Its operating range is 30 meters for indoor use and 120 meters for outdoor use.

Fields of application of PAR PORT are:
Research in the field of industrial engineering, sport science, psychophysiology, medical research and behavioral research.
The following parameters can be acquired:

  • Physiological signals: ECG / heart rate, respiration / respiration rate, muscle activity, skin conductance, electroencephalogram, body temperature, electrooculogram, eye blink frequency, movement
  • Stress parameters: Ambient temperature, radiated heat, vibrations, interactions, machine parameters, workflows, air humidity

 The PAR PORT has no EU declaration of conformity for medical devices.